Prices listed are full retail price. For patients not using insurance we offer a cash pay discount that is not reflected in the prices below. Please call us for details about this cash pay discount. For patients using insurance, the percentages listed are an estimate of what most insurance companies typically cover. If you would like to check your insurance coverage, please use our insurance checker here.  


Polish & Floss - $95

Cosmetic cleaning

Free Take-Home bag with premium products

0% insurance coverage


Individual Services

Cleanings & Exams

Initial visit — 100% comprehensive exam, full cleaning, panoramic X-Ray


6 month visit — 100% periodic exam, complete cleaning


12 month visit — 100% comprehensive exam, full cleaning, periodic X-ray


Polish and floss — 0% (No exam)



Fluoride Treatment


Oral Cancer Screen


1-Hour Whitening


Take-Home Whitening




Invisalign — 50%




In office


Take home


In office & take home


*Whitening treatment requires a complete oral examination



Fillings (1-4 surface)

$350 - $540

Inlays & Onlays (1-3+ surface)

$1,520 - $1,750




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    *The percentages reflected are an estimate of what an insurance company will cover based on a typical PPO dental plan. Please contact Stella Dental with your insurance details to receive a quote of your out-of-pocket expenses based on your dental benefits.